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Chris Creed

Co-founder, pedagogy, innovation & WebDesign

Enthusiastic bilingual (French & English) communications professional, specialising in facilitating change and Lifelong Learning with high profile professionals in international organisations.

Committed to excellence and passion in learning and human resource development.

Chris Creed came to France in 1993 after having worked as an EFL trainer in Poland.

Before this he was the director of operations and management coach in an international company based in the UK and in France until 2006, overseeing the development and running of 8 profit centres.

Holding a DTEFL and a CTEFL from the University of Central Lancashire as well as a M. A. Ed (Lifelong Learning) from the Open University.

Degree and Masters study has included, Applied Linguistics, Psychology of Learning, Education Science.

Founder of Learning3pointzero.com and Co-founder of Eflpodblog.com

    • WebDesign 50% 50%
    • Web Programming 80% 80%
    • Pedagogical innovation 60% 60%
    • Video & animation 45% 45%

    Susan Barke

    Co-founder, pedagogy

    Sue is an experienced English language trainer who has been providing professional English language training for companies all over France since 2007. Specialist areas include aeronautics, the environment, medicine and HR.

    Before becoming an EFL trainer, Sue worked for 10 years for a major international retail company in the UK in sales and marketing. She is able to combine this commercial experience with sound pedagogical techniques.

    Since moving to France in 1989 Sue has become passionate about language learning. By drawing on her own experience of learning a second language. Sue is especially focused on helping and encouraging new learners to overcome their difficulties when starting out. 

    Sue has a BA in History and Politics (Queen Mary College, University of London) and a BA in French (Royal Holloway, University of London).

    Sue and Chris have worked together since 2015 on the EFL Podblog, a site of podcasts, quizzes and blog posts for learners who want to learn real, natural, and spontaneous English. 


    • Pedagogical development 85% 85%
    • Adobe Captivate 70% 70%
    • Web testing 50% 50%
    • Podcasting 40% 40%

    Stanley the dog

    Chief snoozer, sparrow chaser and bone treasurer.

    Stanley (or just Stan to his friends) has been lying under the office table since 2016, mostly dreaming about chasing rabbits and going for walks.

    Stanley is also responsible for the high consumption of biscuits in the office and can hear the crinkle of a packet of digestive biscuits at over 1 km away.

    Stanley has so far saved us from attacks by flies, sparrows, the postman, a girl delivering leaflets and the cleaning lady.

    He sometimes gets woken up by us podcasting or typing too loudly, but will fall back to sleep as quickly as he woke up.








    • Snoozing in the sunshine 80% 80%
    • Biscuit eating 60% 60%
    • Sparrow chasing 50% 50%
    • Being stroked 70% 70%

    Learning to Learn

    One of the key points that distinguishes Go-Learn from others is our commitment to helping learners learn effectively and to challenge their own methods of learning.

    Innovative Ideas

    Go-Learn helps learners by introducing innovation in learning through tried concepts and clear learning goals. The use of innovative learning concepts is the cornerstone of Go-Learn.

    Objective focused

    Our objective is to help you learn better and to gain a better score on the TOEIC® test. However, you need to be helped and coached to reach your goal and we are here to help you with that.


    Clear Communication

    By helping you to get a better result in the TOEIC® test, we know that you will become a better listener and a better speaker of English. This lmeans that you will be more effective and more confident.

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