Level C1

English Upper Intermediate learners

What is included

A course of 100 hours of lessons, audio, podcasts, video, whiteboards, quizzes and exercises for beginners, or those that want revisit the basics of English.

The benefits

Our course level 4 will help you get started and begin using English more confidently. The course focuses on three core areas: grammar, advanced functions, listening skills, writing and reading skills, building vocabulary, and uses images, audio, texts and video to illustrate points of language in a clear and logical way.  

As a result of the course you can expect to:  

  • Understand films and tv without too much effort.
  • Understand unconnected speech.
  • Read articles and texts including factual and literary texts.  
  • Understand technical and specialised articles.
  • Express yourself fluently and spontaneously.  
  • Use the language flexibly and effectively.  
  • Formulate opinions with precision.
  • Understanding and using more advanced grammar  (Present, Past and future)
  • Express clear details of complex subjects.
  • Express yourself in clear, structured text.
  • Express points of view at length.
  • Write about complex subjects underlining the salient issues.
  • Selct the style used appropriate to the reader in mind.

Included in the price

  • 29.99€ for 3 months of unlimited access
  • Over 100 hours of learning content
  • Study on any device at any time