Level B2

English for Intermediate learners

What is included

A course of 100 hours of lessons, audio, podcasts, video, whiteboards, quizzes and exercises for beginners, or those that want revisit the basics of English.

The benefits

Our course for Intermediate learners will help you start using English confidently and with more precision. 

The course focuses on three core areas: Listening skills, essential functions, building  vocabulary, improving grammar precision and uses images and video to illustrate points of language in a clear and logical way.  

As a result of the course you can expect to:  

  • Understand extended speech at normal speed.
  • Understanding TV news and current affaires.
  • Understanding articles and reports.  
  • Asking and answering complex questions
  • Giving personal views  
  • Describing things and saying what you can and can’t do in detail  
  • Explaining things and expressing likes and dislikes
  • Understanding and using  intermediate grammar  (Present, Past and future)
  • Talk about a wide range of topics in more detail
  • Present clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of subjects.
  • Explain your viewpoint on topical issues.
  • Write detailed texts on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Write emails and letters highlighting personal significances of events and experiences.

Included in the price

  • 29.99€ for 3 months of unlimited access
  • Over 100 hours of learning content
  • Study on any device at any time